Want to learn how to do a cartwheel? What to improve your gymnastic skills? This is the class for you! We are going to focus on lower level gymnastic skills as well as flexibility

Intro to Dance

Are you wanting to try something new? This will introduce your little one to dance classes and how they are run. Learn how to take turns, some basic dance moves, and have fun!

Mommy & Me

Does your little one enjoy moving and grooving? Are you looking for a fun activity to do together? Come check out our Mommy and Me classes where we will work on some basic dance skills in a FUN environment!etails here

Ballet/Tap Combo

This class is designed for our youngest students who are exploring the world of dance. This is an introduction to dance skills and focuses on teaching turn taking and working together, all while having fun!

Musical Theatre

Super fun class focusing on various musicals. A variety of dance will be incorporated while teaching students to explore their “inner performer”. This is a great class to expand dance skills while focusing on stage presence.

Hip Hop

A fun dance style which combines street-funk, jazz, and street dancing. This is often seen on TV shows and music videos. This is a fun and active dance style for all learners!


Clogging is a form of percussive dance which evolves in the Appalachian Mountains but has spread throughout the US and the world. Clogging blends Canadian step dancing, Irish step dancing and tap steps to create rhythms that emphasize the downbeat of the music. The shoes worn are similar to tap but have a double tap which makes for a different (louder) sound. Overall, this is a high energy form of dance that is extremely fun!

Hip Hop/Clogging Combo

This class is designed to be an introduction of both styles of dance to students. Students will learn basic skills while in a fun upbeat environment.

Acapella/Traditional Clogging

This combination clogging class builds on the skills learned during the weekly clogging class but digs deeper into the acapella and traditional skillset. This class is taken in addition to the weekly class and offers the dancers the opportunity to compete in two more categories at competition.

All Star Clogging

Dedication and motivation defines the Elite Clogging program. This is a class that focuses on competition clogging only. This class is for students who are interested in competing more than once a year and want to compete at larger competitions. This class is taken IN ADDITION TO the weekly clogging class and acapella/traditional class.

Performance Team Clogging

This is for dancers who enjoy performing and want to expand their performance skills. This team will be performing at local venues throughout the year and representing Northern Explosion in the community. Students in this class will receive their Performance Team uniform at NO COST to them. This is a yearlong commitment.


Stresses the importance of technique as well as the ability to perform with emotional execution. This style draws on all forms of dance but combines with music to express a feeling or tell a story.


Fun upbeat mix of hip hop/jazz/lyrical dance styles as well as technical work such as leaps, turns, kicks, splits, and jumps all while using pompoms.

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