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"We choose NEDS because every child is welcome, no matter what skill, what size you are!! Everyone is treated the same. Everyone is given the same opportunities to succeed. No one is made to feel excluded or not good enough!"

- Shay Martel Lawrence

"I love NEDS because of the atmosphere; the welcoming feeling, the staff is friendly, and the instructors are approachable. I love the way my daughter is encouraged, accepted for who she is, and pushed to become the best she can be. Such a great family to be a part of."

- Tricia Catalano

"It's a place to grow and learn who you are as a dancer and a person, and now I'm lucky enough to watch my daughter do the same thing I did growing up and knowing she will get the same bond with her teachers and dance family"

- Jackie Colwell

"I've been dancing at Northern Explosion since I was in 2nd grade. I love that I'm in my 20's now and still look forward to going to dance every week & get to now take along my 5 year old for her dance class. Being able to share that experience with her is so special & you don't often get to to that like you do here."

- Elizabeth Endsley

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